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More than Just a Rebuild

• One-stop-shop

New Motoreco welcomes industrial customers with a wide range of engine brands. Our business operates completely independently of brands and suppliers.

• Fast and Flexible

At New Motoreco, we understand better than anyone how essential your engines are to keeping your business in production. In urgent cases, we will make sure we complete the necessary work within a few days.

• Good Communication

At New Motoreco, we always ensure that we communicate clearly with our clients about deadlines. We believe in the importance of delivering what we have agreed upon.

• Quality

In each case, New Motoreco always discusses which quality-level of parts the client wishes to use for a rebuild:

1. New branded parts
2. ‘First assembly’
Parts which are of equally high quality to new branded parts, but which are not branded.
3. Parallel or ‘after-market’
Parts which are almost the same quality as new branded parts, but with lower prices.

• Skilled Staff

Our team consists of seven highly-skilled workers, all of whom have been trained on the job. Our technicians know all the ins and outs of their profession.

• Up-to-date Machinery

At New Motoreco, we are constantly investing in the latest and best machinery. Our workshop is amongst the most up-to-date in our sector.

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